Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Hydration is Important

Bnengets was running a marathon in the Sahara Desert when the paw of Dog was resting heavy upon him. Then a trumpet sounded... followed by a trombone and then a clarinet. And behold there floating, dressed in only a bajsham, a messenger of Dog. And he utterith the humble words,:
"Let the revelations begin...


Oh, I don't know I just got my mark off on Friday.

I don't like coffee, but I can learn to love it!

So Grandma needs to get wired at the hospital.

Fuck you!
Fuck Me?!

Icee, Look at your freaking cheat sheet.

If you don't eat them I might eat the whole roll.

I will shove this down your throat.

Let's keep it secret.

Drink abstinence...

Once a week this guy... once a week. Yeah, he brings in this suitcase of money.

we were actually having a conversation... Yeah, she was like that good.

The Hustler outfits look like the Playboy outfits.

After so many people started saying it I was like, 'Yeah she is my sister.' ----- 'She's a whore!'

Your hair can be what ever and you have a random collar that connects down here."

--Pre-Evangelations 2:55-70

After Bnengets receives this revelation, he is blessed with his first erection. Well, wouldn't you?

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