Friday, February 6, 2009


As only a true member of the church can deliver.

Quite possibly the most AWESOME thing I have ever seen!!!

Warning: You cannot view this video in a sober fashion or we'll get all alpha dog on your ass.


All your base are belong to Stan.

Ok, I'll bite... 25 random things about me.

1. I like tequila, not José Cuervo.

2. I am an Atheist, and no this isn't just a phase I'm going through.

3. Charles Bukowski is one of my favorite writers.

4. I love cheese, which makes my lactose intolerance that more ironic.

5. I have been known to close cupboard doors & flick off light switches with my feet, and shin kick palm trees when I am drunk.

6. Long hair on a woman gets me harder than Chinese algebra.

7. I am pedantic.

8. You truly don't know a person until you play Chess with them.

9. My ASVAB test pointed towards these professions: politician, teacher, sniper, & dancer?

10. Just like in photography, there is a "magic hour" in which I am a pretty damn good pool player; but it's when I'm moderately intoxicated; and like Sisyphus, I never get that rock up that fucking hill.

11. I think Troy is a fuckrock.

12. Yeah, that is an inside joke, and no I am not going to explain.

13. I own an RV and it is named "The Divine Providence": Ironic, isn't it?

14. I have thick healthy Blagojevich-worthy hair down to the middle of my back and it pisses a lot of women off.

15. I am right-handed, though I can be ambidextrous when it comes to most things.

16. I am a liberal Democrat that enjoys the Second Amendment.

17. Brian Wilson's best works were "Don't Worry Baby", "God Only Knows", and "Good Vibrations".

18. I wear eight hole Doc Martins (size 11) and Levi 527's (34/30 boot cut) if you are wondering what to buy me.

19. I love sushi... Yet interestingly enough don't like most cooked fish.

20. I spit on a llama once. He started it. No, really... I was fourteen and my mom yelled at me for it.

21. I am currently studying to be a Radiology Tech.

22. House is my favorite TV show at the moment. Big surprise.

23. There is no "R' in Washington, and if you pronounce it like that you sound ignorant.

24. Of all negative personality aspects, I hate lying. I view it as an insult to my intelligence.

25. If there ever was a "Heaven", it involves wine tasting in Northern California, a whole lot of sex, chocolate and fruit.

Vocalise on the theremin

Randy George, the guy who brought us Gnarles Barkley's, the Super Mario Bros and Zelda theme songs on theremin, is at it again on this piece by Rachmaninov.