Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Troy can't get no satisfaction.

And this is a problem, thus sayeth the good book:
Are you suggesting throwing a baseball at your pregnant sisters ankles?
You look a duck with down syndrome.
It's still burning.

It still is burning--In reference to:

So tell me about the incident at the bathroom in Claim Jumper's?
Derek quit this second.
Just throw it at him.

Oh man... I go in to take a piss. There are two guys in the stall. And one is taking a crap.
A foot slurping out of mud. We are talking projectial crap.
And the other guy is screaming Oh yeeaaaaaah!!! I have been waiting for that all fucking day!!!

So, uh yeah.
Is this chanting?

--Pre-Evangelations 06:12-22

IT is quite clear.

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