Sunday, January 6, 2008

Behold, The Church of Awesomeness!!!

When the Blue Moon stands sentinel half-full in the House of Troy the soothsayers of the C of A prognosticate with amazing 19% accuracy the upcoming trials and tribulations of particular pizza parlors.

Due to the effects of the liquid ether consumed by these oracles of ostentageousness entire revelations have lost their way navigating through the memory fog... That is until now.

From this day on scribes will record these epiphanies, and this priceless wisdom will pass down to the masses. For those who can hear, let them hear. And those who can't let them use American sign language. So ask and and it might be granted... if you use the magic word; knock and we will not hear you... use the door bell.
We are here to hear, but that is neither here nor there. Enter oh inebriated one, the doors of the Church of Awesomeness are open.

1 comment:

silently screaming said...

WTF?!?!?!? that ho cheated on you with nick? dude fuck that shit burn her alive at the stake for her blasphemous habits in the name of DOG and mix her ashes with the mightiest of kibble so forth our great and non-flea ridden deity may chew and swallow her soul into his great abdominious spectrum to be spewed out into the great yard of the sky and have it rot and turn white for all eternity.